Sunday, November 15, 2009

Riley and Lily On The Hunt

Thanks to Butch Wilson for this fun photo of Riley and recently passed Lily going "on the hunt'' during a walk. They have a Gecko, mouse or maybe a bird cornered in that rose bush.

Two centuries ago owners of small farms in Scotland prized their sturdy little working Cairn Terriers. Bred to rid their properties of vermin, these early Cairns would "go to ground" to hold or bolt otter, weasel and fox.

They worked in pairs or small packs and possessed great hunting instincts, focus and persistence. Such a working terrier was one of the farmers most prized possessions.

Many Cairns today participate in Earthdog competitions, and in agility and other activities. But everyday Cairn owners get a glimpse of the keen instincts when, out for a walk, their Cairns catch a scent, hear something scurrying around in the brush, and on the chase they go.

To find out more about Earthdogs, click here.

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