Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beware of Breed Fraud

Many Cairn terrier owners can attest that while out with their dogs they are asked if it is a Norwich or another similar question: "Is that the dog breed that won in the movie Best in Show?''

No, that dog was Winky, a Norwich terrier.

A Cairn terrier is not a Norwich. But unscrupulous breeders are trying to pull off this switch. Why? Because the Norwich breed is popular, relatively scarce and available dogs go for premium prices.

Recently in the United States, there has been significant pedigree fraud, especially involving Cairn terriers. According to The Norwich & Norfolk News, published by the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club, unscrupulous people have been selling docked-tail Cairn Terriers or mixed-breed dogs to unsuspecting buyers. Sometimes these fake Norwich Terriers are sold over the internet.

Buyers can protect themselves from fraud by working only with reputable breeders recommended by breed societies. It is highly recommended that you visit the breeder and the dogs in the breeder's home.

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