Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cairn/Cairn mixes available for adoption

Looking for a dog? Check out these Cairn Terriers and Cairn mixes.

Interested? Contact Karen Smith, redcoat@tfb.com, 760-728-7133.

This lovely and loving Cailen
needs a forever home. A sweet,
housebroken little male
Cairn Terrier.

Sparky is a 7-year-old Cairn Terrier in need of a new home. He is in excellent health, neutered, housebroken, current on all vaccinations, and very loving.
He also talks and sings, rolls over and wiggles, is very intelligent and very affectionate.
Sparky loves to go for walks and ride in your golf cart or car. He is also a great indoor dog, appreciating your loving company and the quality of your sofa, however, he prefers to sleep in his own bed.
He is an excellent watchdog, and only barks for good reason.
Sparky would like to be the only pet in a very affectionate home. He does not like cats.

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At May 17, 2012 at 7:45 PM , Blogger Scott_LA said...

My spouse and I just adopted a Cairn a few weeks ago at a pet adoption here in LA. We had a Westie for 17 years and had to put him down two years ago; we've been longing to have another dog and waited two years to adopt our current friend (Westin). He's amazing! We're looking to get him a friend -- another Cairn (or Westie). If you know of a Cairn that is looking for a loving home, please contact me at (310) 486-6701. Thanks, Scott


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