Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brag: Rocky Makes Dog of the Week

Congratulations to Anne Dove for her Cairn Terrier Rocky being named Dog of the Week at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Here is what Anne says about the recogition:

My friend works for LA State Historic Park near downtown LA and their blog has a regular "dog of the week" feature. I took Rocky over there at lunch earlier this week and now he's DOTW! He especially enjoyed meeting the goats that were there to do weed abatement.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Toto in High Def, 1 Night Only

Next Wednesday, Sept. 23, for one night only theaters around the country are screening a special high definition presentation of The Wizard of Oz, to celebrate the movie's 70th anniversary.

As any Cairn Terrier owner will attest, thank goodness for Toto, the answer to the constant question: What kind of dog is that?

This one night event will take place in over 440 movie theaters nationwide on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7 p.m. local time.

You can view a list of theaters here. Ticket purchase info is available here.

This is part of a promo for the release of the movie, remastered in Blu Ray high def, on Sept. 29. A fun video promo is here:

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cairn Terrier Rescue -- Times Six

Most days in rescue, you get a call, you go to a shelter and you pick up a single dog. But then there are those days when the challenges are greater. Rescue gives glimpses into the worst and best, in people and animals.

The call came in: Six Cairn Terriers at risk. Can we help? We rushed to first secure the dogs. As is often the case, they lived in cages, were covered in excrement and urine. Nails grown out and over. These are not dogs taken for walks. A groomer was contacted, and she rushed in assistants. A club member paid for all the grooming out of pocket. The worst situation, the best in people.

After cleanup, the dogs are taken to a vet, some trembling and scared. There are no major issues, but just dealing with teeth and ears and general care will cost us $3,000. The vet gives us a break and does it for $2,100. It is the best you can hope for with this sort of situation, no major problems and young, happy Cairns.

At this writing people have opened their homes and hearts to four -- Carrie, DeeDee, No Name and JoAnn. Debbie and Keith are still waiting.

We can answer these calls only because of your generous support, your donations to rescue, and contributions to fund raising. There are happy endings for the worst cases only because of good people like you.

If you would like to support Cairn Terrier rescue contact Karen Smith at

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Final Salute to Captain Hercules

He sailed the ocean blue, cruising the California coast. If you came upon the ship, you would see him standing lookout. Captain Hercules was in charge, in command of all he surveyed and ever vigilant for action.

Owner Evans Hughes Jr. got Capt. Hercules a life vest because he found out early that the Cairn liked the water and would jump in to pursue small fish and even ducks.

The renowned Cairn sailer has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge. All who met him on his voyage, or heard about his exploits, salute him.

Is it your Cairn's birthday? Can we pay tribute to your special little guy? Do you have a photo or news to share, whether it is large or small? Please send your brags, new puppy photos, notes on passing, pics or just general Cairn info to
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